About Us

  • Since establishing in 2012, we have been very proud that we are the largest supplier of Cocoa bean to bar equipment throughout worldwide. Our Chocolate Melanger is especially used in the process of making chocolate butter, Nut butter, almond butter, peanut butter, etc… We are providing a complete solution for Chocolate Industry.
  • We are majorly and directly providing our service to more than 23 countries worldwide like UK, USA, Canada, France, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Africa, Indonesia, Sweden and many more. Being a manufacturer of all cocoa bean to bar equipment, we also stock large-scale melanger and small-scale melanger machines in large quantities and spare parts for all equipment in large numbers. So that we can ship the material in 48 hours with international fast courier services.
  • High Quality of granites, high-quality standards of Electrical motors and gearboxes are used in our chocolate production equipment. We have a various range of Chocolate Melanger from fully automatic to manual melangers. The Chocolate tempering, Molding Machine, Chocolate enrobing machine are widely used for the next stage of the cocoa butter process.