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  • What are the uses of this machine?
  • This melanger can be used for refining chocolates, chocolate nut butter grinding, almond nut butter grinding, Pea nut butter grinding etc...
  • Do you have any additional Charges?
  • No, we don’t have any additional charges. All are included in advertised price like CIF (COST+INSURANCE+FRIGHT)
  • How this Product will be delivered?
  • This Product will be delivered through Sea Cargo (OR) Air Cargo.
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  • Customer is responsible for Import duty, Local Tax and Clearance.
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  • Yes it is available; we can deliver in Super Fast Delivery. Normally we ship by Air Cargo But, please contact us by info@centurymelanger.co.uk with your proper full address (OR) please give us a call 02080171343.
  • What is the total deliver duration to get the machine?
  • Normally it will take 2 to 3 weeks for the dispatch and shipping via sea cargo will be 3 to 4 weeks. Or if you require urgent please give a call.
  • What is the Voltage and Hertz of this Century Chocolate melanger will be?
  • It comes with two different variant 440V/ 50Hz, 220V/ 50Hz and also available in 110V / 60Hz.While ordering you selects any of this option.
  • What is the capacity of the Century Chocolate Melanger?
  • This century coco grinder will grind up to a capacity of 60kgs or 132lbs.
  • Do I want to buy any special attachments for the machine?
  • No, you don’t want to buy any attachments all are included in the machine. If you want any accessories please give us a call.
  •  What is maximum running time of the machine?
  • This machine can run up to 24/7 continuously without non stopping, due to heavy duty motor and heavy duty gear box.
  •  Does this machine come with tilt automatically, Pneumatic, Speed controller and timer?
  • Yes, by tilting button in the control unit system you can easily tilt the machine to pour tour the product. Speed controller and timer is easily increased or decreased in the unit.
  • What kind of stone is used in this Melanger?
  • Black hard stone roller granite and also bottom base of roller is made in black hard granite.
  • In case if want the parts, how long will take to deliver the spare parts of the machine?
  • All spare parts are readily available. So, that we can ship the product within 48 hrs in fast courier service.
  • How about the customer service?
  • We have 24/7 customer service to rectify the problem by contacting via phone, email, or Skype which we tend to could send you the documents and tutorial to fix the problem.
  • How about the warranty of the machine?
  • Yes, this machine comes with 1 year international warranty. Please give us a call to claim the parts.
  • Century melangers presents chocolate-making machine with automatic tilting, speed controller and timer. It is particularly designed for chocolate refining.
  • Cocoa nib melangers & grinder will refine the cocoa nibs into chocolate butter however less than 20 microns.
  • Chocolate melanger machine is known for its operational excellence and can be handled by the chocolatier or chocolate maker with ease.
  • Chocolate melanger machine is uniquely designed and it can be operated in various speeds without an external cooling fan system. It efficiently produces chocolate in masses and can be operated by a single person.
  • Bean to Bar Chocolate melanger is made up of high-quality food-grade stainless steel material supported with body and drum.
  • It is backed up with black Granite stone for easy grinding of the cocoa nibs, which can be adjusted effortlessly while running the machine to reduce the shear of the cocoa nibs.
  • The high-grade cocoa melanger machinery, run efficiently with high operational excellence without the risk of overheating or breakdown.
  • It is featured with an emergency stop button and can be switched off any time when the system is overheated.
  • Chocolate Melanger equipment allows you to increase the shelf life of the chocolates produced.
  • The automatic chocolate melanger and chocolate conching machine is space-efficient and it works faster.
  • The compact chocolate melanger can be used for chocolate Grinding, Peanut grinding, Nut butter grinding, Chocolate Mixing, Almond butter Grinding, and chocolate conching process.
  • The automatic tilting feature facilitates the user to pour out the chocolates without a need to lift the vessel or drum and also making the cleaning process simpler and easier.
  • Century melanger's chocolate-making equipment meets the latest international energy efficiency standards.
  • This melanger machine has powerful features which include heavy-duty motor, gear drive box, black granite stone for easy grinding with different internal and external parts adhering to top quality standards. All our motors and internal electrical parts units are CE certified.
  • The basement of the double granite stone is assembled with heavy hard granite stone for fine & easy grinding. It is supported with a lid and it could be operative without lid too.
  • Chocolate melanger equipment is made with high-quality stainless steel food-grade material for the support stand and the body drum.
  • The chocolate manufacturing machine is made up of high-quality stainless steel material for reliability and hygiene.
Product Description
Capacity Kgs 60Kg
Gear box lubrication type 320 Gear Oil
Gear box maintenance requirements Every six Months oil need to checked
Gear box Name and RPM Vignesh Gears & 140 RPM
Material thickness of frame 5mm
Motor duty rating Continuous
Motor overload protection YES
Motor RPM 1440
Motor type and industry Motovorio
Phase converter control Yes
Phase of motor - 3 Phase 440V
Pneumatic Yes
Pressure Adjustment Yes
Size of stone 22”OD x 3” Thickness
Size of stone rollers 12”OD x 6” Thickness
Total weight of the machine 410Kg (approximately)
Type of stone Hard Stone (Granite)
Wattage of motor and amperage rating As specified in Motor name plate
Motor HP 3Hp
Type of material used in container Stainless Steel 304
Inverter Crompton
Drum Size 558mm*558mm
Speed Controller Yes
Timer Yes Machine Comes With That Option
Conching Yes
Tilting Automatic Tilting
CE certification Yes

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Automatic Chocolate Melanger Premium 60Kg - with speed controller

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