Cocoa Bean Cracker & Winnower

Century melanger's Cocoa Bean Cracker & Winnower machine is an awesome tool to crack the bean which is roasted as well as the raw cocoa beans. The cocoa bean cracker and winnower machines from century melanger's are mainly used to crush and peel the seeds out for getting the clean cocoa nibs.It is important to carry out this process effectively and efficiently to maintain the flavour of the cocoa bean.

These machineries are designed with high automation techniques with high peeling rate of cocoa bean which serves its purpose. Finally, the cocoa skins are separated by a low-pressure fan and are separated using the vibrating screen.It has an inbuilt fan which separates the shells of the cocoa bean easily and as a result, it is easy to crack the roasted bean.

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Cocoa Bean Cracker & Winnower

Cocoa Bean Cracker & Winnower

This Coco bean Cracker and winnower is s...

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Century chocolate melanger products are mainly used in cocoa refining industries to derive the fine chocolate butter.

The Machinery is manufactured with modern state of art technologies, machines are built with a high standard of engineering.We are extending our services to more than 23 countries worldwide & serving across countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, Africa, Poland, Indonesia, Sweden and many more.We manufacture all kinds of chocolate machinery which caters to small and large scale industries.

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