Published on September 2022

The Journey from Chocolate bean to Chocolate bar

When you eat a choco bar we just simply think of its taste and texture and not really more. Do anyone thought of its huge journey from Chocolate bean to Chocolate bar. Where it comes from? Where it is sourced? And the origin of it....
Tuesday 27 September, 2022
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Welcome to Century Melanger

We like to introduce itself as a newborn and established in the year 2012 and now with so much of delight ness &, we are very proud of being the largest supplier of Cocoa bean to bar equipment manufacturer-backed up with the customers worldwide. We provide a perfect end-to-end solution to the chocol...
Tuesday 27 September, 2022
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The Purpose of an industrial chocolate tempering machine!

About us: Century chocolate melanger products are mainly used in cocoa refining industries to derive the fine chocolate butter. The Machinery is manufactured with modern state of the art technologies, machines are built with a high standard of engineering. We are extending our services to more than...
Monday 19 September, 2022
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How do you perform tempering of chocolates?

Here is the answer to the question How do you temper chocolate step by step? It can be done in four simple steps & rightly below steps are to be followed for the perfect chocolate tempering with the perfect sheen and gloss finish....
Wednesday 14 September, 2022
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