• All your entire ordered product is properly packed in wooden Carton Pallet and wooden box cover for safer and protection!
  • Normally all your entire ordered product is delivered to nearest possible nearest possible Airport via (Air Cargo)
  • Home delivery option is available.
  • Duration of the normal delivery will take up to 7 to 10 working days
  • Total displayed (Advertised) amount includes only CIF and Home delivery which means (COST+INSURANCE+FREIGHT) +(Home Delivery)
  • Paid By Customer: (Import customs Duty+ Local Tax+ Clearance) has to be take care by customer itself.
  • If you feel difficulties in making payment in import duty, local tax, clearance and home delivery options. Please give us a call; we will make our shipping agent will help you step by step throughout the process.
  • What are the uses of this machine?
  • This chocolate tempering and molding can be used for melting chocolate, and tempering chocolate by melting and cooling to make molds
  • Do you have any additional Charges?
  • No, we don’t have any additional charges. All are included in advertised price like CIF (COST+INSURANCE+FRIGHT) + (Home Delivery)
  • How this Product will be delivered?
  • This Product will be delivered Air Cargo.
  • After delivered to Airport who is responsible for delivery?
  • Customer is responsible for Import duty, Local Tax and Clearance.
  • Do you have Home delivery Option available?
  • Yes, if you require door to door delivery option, please email us info@centurymelanger.co.uk with your proper full address (OR) please gives us a call 02080171343.
  • What is the total delivery duration to get the machine?
  • Normally it will take 7 to 10 working days for the door step delivery. If you have any query please give a call.
  • What is the Voltage and Hertz of this chocolate melting machine will be?
  • It comes with two different variant 220V/ 50Hz and also available in 110V / 60Hz.While ordering you selects any of this option.
  • What is the capacity of century chocolate melting machine?
  • This century chocolate melting machine capacity is 5 to 15 kg (11lb to 33lb)
  • Do I want to buy any special attachments for the machine?
  • No, you don’t want to buy any attachments all are included in the machine. If you want any accessories please give us a call.
  • Does this machine come with food graded wheel material?
  • Yes, this transparent wheel is food graded item.
  • In case if want the parts, how long will take to deliver the spare parts of the machine?All spare parts are readily available. So, that we can ship the product within 48 hrs in fast courier service.
  • How about the customer service?
  • We have 24/7 customer service to rectify the problem by contacting via phone, email, or Skype which we tend to could send you the documents and tutorial to fix the problem.
  • How about the warranty of the machine?
  • Yes, this machine comes with 1 year international warranty. Please give us a call to claim the parts.
  • Chocolate enrober machine is a perfect instrument to deal with confectionary based items.
  • The chocolate enrober has the capacity to produce the chocolates with uniform taste and texture. The chocolate moulding machine prepares the confectionaries with more purity and involves less human effort.
  • The moulding line in the enrobing machine is made up of high-quality stainless steel material which can be easily cleaned.
  • Chocolate moulding machines are designed with extraordinarily skilled people using superior quality equipment.
  • The chocolate coating & enrober equipment occupies less space for producing the product.
  • The design of a Chocolate Moulding machine can be a tabletop or wheel mounted which can be choosed as per the chocolatier's choice.
  • The chocolate enrober machine is made up of high quality food-grade stainless steel material featured with a lifting wheel. Chocolate moulding machine does not have any mixing arm and it has a transparent PVC glass to cover the chocolate from the dust.
  • The chocolate enrober is featured with an emergency stop button can be utilized in-case of any technical glitch.
  • The chocolate moulding machine comes with a double digital display with a highly accurate thermostat & a mechanical thermostat for safety purposes.
Product Description
Dimension 56x60x59cm
Gross weight 52KG
Max production 5-15kg/h
Power 850W
Voltage Required 220V/50Hz (OR) 110V/60Hz

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Chocolate Moulding Machine 15KG

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