Mini Table Top Melanger

We are glad to welcome you the century melanger family! Let us first congratulate you, on your wonderful choice on our mini tabletop chocolate melanger. We welcome you on board!

Century melanger's mini tabletop chocolate melanger is an ideal and compact machine for cocoa and peanut butter processing which also fulfils multipurpose grinding needs. It is backed up with salient features like speed control and timer, black granite stone for easy grinding of cocoa nibs. Its USP lies in fine grinding of cocoa bean /cocoa nibs into the chocolate paste less than 15-20 microns. 

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Mini Table Top Melanger 5kg With Speed Controller

Mini Table Top Melanger 5kg With Speed Controller

The mini chocolate melanger holds the gr...

£1,899.00 £2,466.00

This machinery can also be used for chocolate conching and refining of the cocoa bean. Highly compact and durable chocolate melanger is used in chocolate grinding, peanut butter grinding, chocolate mixing and almond butter grinding which is made up of high-quality stainless steel body. The chocolate melanger equipment is supported by heavy-duty motor and can be operated with constant speed without an external cooling fan system.

It can operate efficiently round the clock as it is made up of heavy-duty motor & heavy-duty gearbox for constant fine grinding of the cocoa bean. Efficiency, reliability, highly productive, environmental friendly backed with shockproof and safety enabled al-together a power-packed chocolate melanger with speed controller and a timer is now readily available with the fastest shipping with no compromise in quality.

Our mini chocolate melanger equipment is used for grinding cocoa butter, cashew butter, pistachio butter, sesame seeds, Hazelnut butter, boiled chickpeas and even the rice batter with precise grinding.

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