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We are glad to welcome you to the century melanger family! Let us first congratulate you, on your wonderful choice on our Chocolate shaver and flaking machine!. We welcome you on board!

Chocolate shaving machine shaves the chocolate chips with a thickness range of 0.1 to 3mm.Century melanger's chocolate shaving machine, the chocolate flaking machine produces chocolate shavings from the chocolate chips or the solid block of the chocolates to produce chocolates in various length and thickness.

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Chocolate shaver and flaking machine

Chocolate shaver and flaking machine

Presenting chocolate flaking machine and...


The machine is completely made with food-grade stainless steel material and it is exclusively designed to produce chocolate shaving & curls with a sharp curved blade and utmost precision. The operational efficiency and the speed of the chocolate flaking and shaving machine is uniform, consistent and user friendly too.

Get the best chocolate shaver and flaking machine in the UK. The chocolate machine price starts at £1400.

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