• All your entire ordered product is properly packed in wooden Carton Pallet and wooden box cover for safer and protection!
  • Normally all your entire ordered product is delivered to nearest possible nearest possible Airport via (Air Cargo)
  • Home delivery option is available.
  • Duration of the normal delivery will take up to 7 to 10 working days
  • Total displayed (Advertised) amount includes only CIF and Home delivery which means (COST+INSURANCE+FREIGHT) +(Home Delivery)
  • Paid By Customer: (Import customs Duty+ Local Tax+ Clearance) has to be take care by customer itself.
  • If you feel difficulties in making payment in import duty, local tax, clearance and home delivery options. Please give us a call; we will make our shipping agent will help you step by step throughout the process.
  • What are the uses of this machine?
  • This Century chocolate vibrator machine can be used for removing air bubbles from the chocolate molds by vibrating the molds.
  • Do you have any additional Charges?
  • No, we don’t have any additional charges. All are included in advertised price like CIF (COST+INSURANCE+FRIGHT) + (Home Delivery)
  • How this Product will be delivered?
  • This Product will be delivered Air Cargo.
  • After delivered to Airport who is responsible for delivery?
  • Customer is responsible for making payment for Import duty, Local Tax and Clearance.
  • Do you have Home delivery Option available?
  • Yes, if you require door to door delivery option, please email us info@centurymelanger.co.uk with your proper full address (OR) please gives us a call 02080171343.
  • What is the total delivery duration to get the machine?
  • Normally it will take 7 to 10 working days for the door step delivery. If you have any query please give a call.
  • What is the Voltage and Hertz of this chocolate flaking and shaving machine will be?
  • It comes with two different variant 220V/ 50Hz and also available in 110V / 60Hz.While ordering you selects any of this option.
  • What is the capacity of century chocolate vibrator machine?
  • This century chocolate vibrator machine can hold 2 molds on the left and 1 molds on the right-hand side grill to drain.
  • Do I want to buy any special attachments for the machine?
  • No, you don’t want to buy any attachments all are included in the machine. If you want any accessories please give us a call.
  • Does this machine come with food graded wheel material?
  • Yes, this transparent wheel is made in food graded item.
  • In case if want the parts, how long will take to deliver the spare parts of the machine?
  • All spare parts are readily available. So, that we can ship the product within 48 hrs in fast courier service.
  • How about the customer service?
  • We have 24/7 customer service to rectify the problem by contacting via phone, email, or Skype which we tend to could send you the documents and tutorial to fix the problem.
  • How about the warranty of the machine?
  • Yes, this machine comes with 1 year international warranty. Please give us a call to claim the parts.
  • The chocolate vibrating machine is designed with a superior-high-quality food-grade stainless steel material with an adjustable vibrating table designed for producing the chocolate moulds.
  • An elegant and compact highly operational efficient chocolate vibrating table.
  • The chocolate vibrating machine is featured with a vibrating motor is connected to the table & it is capable of making the table to vibrate, basically in the horizontal direction when the moulding process is done.
  • When the frequency is raised and the vibration running time is set longer, the bubbles confined in the chocolate lump would release more fastly and intensely.
  • Chocolate vibrating machine enhances productivity and helps to manufacture professional chocolate and confectionaries.
  • By shaking off the chocolate mould, undesired or un-necessary bubbles which are formed by the air are removed from the finished product.
  • The chocolate maker machine is highly efficient in screening and it is simple to use and clean.
  • The Vibrating effects in the chocolate melanger machine with the vibrating table are utilized to spread the chocolate evenly while processing the chocolate moulds.
  • Technical specification of chocolate manufacturing machine with the vibrating table: Dimensions(W*D*H):520*360*660mm
  • Chocolate moulding machine with the vibrator comes with a 1-year of warranty, it consumes the power up to 45w.
  • The chocolate moulds produced by the chocolate moulding machine can be easily removed by one open section and it also has pads in closed sections.
  • The automatic chocolate machine with a compact design & the legs height can be easily adjusted with ease.
Product Description
Application Chocolate
Condition New
Dimensions (W*D*H) 520*360*660mm
Heating Type Hot Air
Power Consumption 45W
Power Source Eletric
Warranty 1 Year
Voltage Required 220v 50Hz (OR) 110v 60Hz

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Chocolate Vibrating Machine

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