1)  Where is this Company Based and what we do?

        Our Century Melanger company is based in United Kingdom, and we are the producer and also deals with all kind of chocolate production equipment which mainly used in Chocolate industry.
2)     Do you deliver to all countries around the world?
Yes, we deliver to all the countries around world wide.
3)     What is the quality of my product?
My entire product listed in my website is brand new and 100% Branded.
4)     How do you takes the payment, is that secured?
We normally take payment stripe payment and PayPal which is 100% secured. You can select any one of this.
5)     If I Ordered the large commercial product today, when will I receive the delivery?
If you order large commercial product today, It is all depends upon the delivery option selection method like Free standard delivery (or) Express delivery Method.
6)     If I select free standard delivery option, in how many days it will be delivered?
For Larger commercial equipment it takes in LCL shipment- (3 to 4 weeks).
For Small equipment in free standard delivery-(000000)
7)      If I select Express delivery option method, in how many days it will be delivered?

For Larger Commercial equipment in Air Cargo it takes 5 to 7 working days
For Smaller equipment in Air Cargo it takes like  3 to 5 days.
8)     If I want to track my order where it is?

Please, you give us a email to info@centurymelanger.co.uk and we will give you the shipper details with tracking no.
9)     Who is responsible for after the shipment is reached in seaport or Airport?
Customer is always responsible for clearing their shipment like Import Customs duty+ Local Taxes+ Clearance.
10)  My ordered product is shipped to my home Location?

Normally all larger commercial equipment is shipped in sea cargo to nearest sea port address. And also we can ask our shipping agents to help you to deliver to your door, but an additional charge is applicable. Please give us email for getting the quote.
11)  Is my product comes with international warranty?
Yes, mostly all your product comes with international warranty.
12)  If there is a repair in my equipment what I have to do?
When you notify there is fault or repair immediately give us a call or email with the picture. We will send you the document or manual to rectify the issue. Even though we do not fix the problem we will replace the spares parts by sending in the fast courier service within3 to 5 days. If it is less than 1 year international warranty. When it crossed more than 1 year, customer has to pay for their spare parts.
13)  What is the customer service contact no?
Please you can contact via live chat (or)
By email to our customer service agent info@centurymelanger.co.uk
By giving us a telephone call on-00442080171343.
14)  When I had delivery, my shipment is damaged. What I have to do?
We are 100% responsible for shipping damage. Please you must report to our customer agent or by email within 2 days itself with proper picture of the damage or video. We will send you the spare parts of the damage parts in fast courier service within 3 to 5 days. But Customer wants to send back the damaged parts. Then only the new parts are sending to the customer.
15)  What happens if I have entered wrong email id and address?
Customer is always responsible for entering their email id and address in the payment process and they have to make sure the email id and address correct or not. In a case if they entered wrong email id and address, you have to inform us immediately in email or by phone before the product has not been shipped out. In a case the product is shipped out, you have to provide a proof of your identity to our shipping company or agent. In some of the Courier Company or country they may or may not accept this method.
  In any worst case, with multiple attempt of wrong address and proof, we may cancel the delivery, and the product will be returned to the seller itself and the amount will be refunded.  After that the buyer has to place a new order only with proper address and email id.