How the process of tempering is carried out by the chocolatiers?

How does the process of tempering is carried out by the chocolatiers?

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Are you interested to know more about the machinery.? If yes, kindly request for a call back we shall gladly help you on the buy with quicWe all know that tempering of the chocolates is the most crucial part and the real challenge lies with the chocolatier and as well cocoa bean to bar makers. It is an art to be learned from the chocolatier and cocoa bean to bar makers where they need to maintain the right consistency for making the delicacies.

In this blog, let’s learn further about the process involved in chocolate tempering by the chocolatiers.

The tabling method of chocolate tempering.

-The seeding method of chocolate tempering.

-The tempering machine

Let’s have a discussion one after the other. The above mentioned are the process of chocolate tempering to maintain the right consistency and the glossy finish.

- The tabling method of chocolate tempering.

The tabling method of tempering chocolate is one of the traditional which is both the impressive and the oldest method to temper the chocolate. Enhance and enquiry support. Contact us:020 80171343.

For the tabling method you need is:

-A marble or granite surface.

-A double boiler method (Keeping the heatproof bowl over the saucepan).

-A chocolate scraper

-A pallet knife

-And a thermometer.

It is recommended to melt the chocolates in a heatproof bowl using the double boiler method using a constant temperature throughout until it reaches 48-degree Celsius. Pour 2/3rd of the melted chocolate syrup into a clean marble or granite surface. By using the chocolate scraper and a pallet knife spread the chocolate wiser, back and forth until it gets thicken. Finally cool it by stirring continuously. It can be tested out by placing a small of chocolate on a piece of baking parchment paper where you can the glossy sheen on the surface.

The seeding method of chocolate tempering.

Without even requiring a marble surface the seeding method can be carried out effectively and efficiently. This process can be carried out without even requiring a marble table.

For the seeding method the things needed are:

-A double boiler(Keeping the heatproof bowl over the saucepan).

-And a thermometer.

The good thing about the seeding method of chocolate tempering is that it doesn’t involve a lot of equipment or complex preparations which gives the same professional result as the above same method. So this method could be a great alternative to the tabling method of the chocolate tempering process.

The method involved is that: Filling a heatproof bowl with dark chocolate and bring it to boiling. Make them melt completely and when the chocolate is completely melted and smoothed and you need to put it back to the pan of simmering water. Stir the chocolate continuously until it looks so glossy and them remove from the heat. You can test it out on a piece of baking parchment paper. It peels off and has got the glossy finish after the five minutes.

The tempering machine:

This is obviously the easiest method where the chocolate can be tempered in bulk and it is highly suitable for large scale production. This tempering machine can be operated with little learned skills and it is a time-consuming method.

How can we finalize the chocolates are well tempered with any of the above methods:

Using any of the above methods the chocolatiers can temper the chocolates and it can be transferred to the parchment paper for testing and right after the five minutes, it should peel comfortably when it is taken out from the parchment paper without losing the glossy and matte finish. It comes off easier and so quickie without any white marks in it and hence the chocolatier have carried out the tempering process right!

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