The Purpose of an industrial chocolate tempering machine!

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Century chocolate melanger products are mainly used in cocoa refining industries to derive the fine chocolate butter. The Machinery is manufactured with modern state of the art technologies, machines are built with a high standard of engineering. We are extending our services to more than 23 countries worldwide & serving across countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, Africa, Poland, Indonesia, Sweden and many more.

We manufacture all kinds of chocolate machinery which caters to small and large scale industries.

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Now let us know the purpose of an industrial chocolate tempering machines. Simply melting the chocolate from bean to bar is not enough and definitely it do not yield the expected resultant by the chocolatier. As melted chocolate is backed up with so many factors like lackluster finish, takes longer time to harden, instead having the feel of crunchiness the texture is not good enough are the affecting factors.

Industrial chocolate tempering machines:

It is the important process to be carried out to make the chocolate suitable for processing which includes the pre-crytaliztion of cocoa butter this enhances the glossy finish on the product. The well tempered chocolate gives the glossy finish, gives a great appearance with luscious consistency. On the other hand not so well tempered chocolates results in low quality product.

The ultimate objective of the chocolate tempering machines in the industries is to derive the best crystals out of the chocolate bar which are known as beta crystals. The process like Enrobing,moulding or filling the product with the tempered chocolates with high crystals enhances the quality of the product with leads to longer shelf life.

Therefore it is the most important process and a unavoidable one and make sure to have the tempering process on top priority,it is where the quality of the product is decided.

Shared the below link where you can have a quick glanze about our Chocolate Tempering Machines which comes along with the vibrator.

Industrial Chocolate Tempering Machine

We manufacturer the tempering machines listed below:

Chocolate tempering machine with vibrator 30 KG

Chocolate tempering machine with vibrator 60 KG

Chocolate tempering machine with vibrator 80KG

Product specifications:

The chocolate tempering machines have got the PVC glass and the machineries are designed and manufactured with 304 SS with the food grade material.

In case of any unavoidable uncertainties the emergency stop button is located at the right side of the control panel which immediately stops the wheel turning and automatically switches off the heater. The chocolate tempering machines occupies lesser space and it is easy to handle.

The application of the chocolate tempering machines is in confectionaries and it uses the hot air which quickly dries up, which can temper the chocolate so quick with ease. It is been equipped with the vibrating table to regulate the flow of chocolate.

Industrial Chocolate Tempering Machine

World class chocolate tempering machines!

Century melanger over the years have developed many unique and best in class chocolate tempering machineries with world class technology being served to various clients at a competitive price.

With our machineries the chocolatier can handle the production in mass ,whether you need a solution to handle the small scale production to the large scale production, we have got the best in class chocolate tempering machines serving your need and your purpose.

How are we different?

Our chocolate tempering machines are manufactured with an objective of energy reduction with increased product shelf life when compared to traditional chocolate tempering machines and this way we are so unique and different. The chocolate tempering machines saves the tremendous amount of saving the production cost resulting in high quality product.

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