How do you perform tempering of chocolates?

Here is the answer to the question How do you temper chocolate step by step? It can be done in four simple steps & rightly below steps are to be followed for the perfect chocolate tempering with the perfect sheen and gloss finish.

Failing which the chocolates will lose its gloss and shiny finish. Whenever we buy the chocolates it is already tempered which means the fat crystals are aligned to give the chocolates the perfect gloss and shine. The tempering of chocolates seems like a long process but all you need is a bowl, a saucepan, chocolates for tempering and a digital thermometer.

Below are the steps involved

  • The setup for tempering process.
  • Melting down the chocolates
  • Seeding process
  • Rewarm and maintain the temperature.

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The above are the four simple steps you need to know about tempering of the chocolates.Whenever we buy the chocolates it is already tempered for the shiny and glossy finish and whenever if we melt the chocolates to change its shape the crystals are melted down and it is again needs to be re-tempered.

Whenever we heat the chocolates the fat molecules and the solid crystals are re-aligned and you gets the state what’s called “bloom”.Also the bloomed chocolate still tastes great and it just loses it visual appeal and the texture of the chocolate.The point to be noted is the bloomed chocolate can also be tempered again.

The setup for tempering process

Using the double boiler method the chocolates can be simply tempered by placing the metal bowl over the sauce pan with one inch of water and it needs to be kept in boiling temperature.Make sure the bottom of the bowl is above the one inch and not resting in the water completely.

Melting down the chocolates

By using the double boiler method, by resting the metal bowl over the saucepan and pour the water into it.By using the chopped chocolates or chocolate wafers place the sliced chocolates over the saucepan and bring the water to simmer and do not over boil. Stir the chocolate syrup continuously until it is melted smoothly. Lets now remove the bowl of chocolate from the saucepan and wipe off the moisture formed around the bowl.

Now start to seed the melted chocolates with the melted chocolates this will helps to maintain the temperature level inside the bowl. Maintain the ideal temperature using the digital thermometer and if it shows below the ideal temperature lets re-heat to maintain the same.

Seeding process

Now we seed the melted chocolates with the left over chocolate pieces.

This will helps to maintain the temperature of the chocolates ideal and constant.

Keep stirring the chocolates with the spatula until the chocolates are completely melted and until the temperature reaches

  • 32 degree celsius for dark chocolates.
  • 30 degree celsius for milk chocolates.
  • The temperature can be recorded using the digital thermometer.
  • Rewarm and maintain the temperature in the bowl

If the temperature starts to low,maintain the temperture by re-heating the chocolates again.

The spatula until the chocolates are completely melted and until the temperature reaches :

  • 32 degree celsius for dark chocolates.
  • 30 degree celsius for milk chocolates.

It is recommended to maintain the above ideal temperature which is right for the chocolates to be getting tempered right and at the right texture.Also maintain the tempered chocolates at this above mentioned temperatures using the cool water bath if they are over heated.

By this way, you can temper the chocolates with four quick steps.

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